Temple Bat Yahm’s Early Childhood Education Program strives to provide a variety of services to children and their families that reflect the Temple’s Mission Statement and school’s philosophy.  These services include:

        • To provide a safe & enriching environment for children 3 months through 6 years old.
        • To foster a positive self-image through a warm, play-centered environment that is healthy, safe & secure.
        • To offer creative play and constructive, developmentally appropriate instruction as part of the daily routine.
        • To provide every opportunity for growth & learning for each child. Children learn through interaction with other children & adults. They
          also learn through individual exploration, a variety of activities & materials, and consistent nurturing & guidance.
        • To encourage the development of a strong, positive Jewish identity & an appreciation for Judaism.
        • To develop a reinforcing relationship between teachers & children where teachers strive to understand & accept each child's feelings
          and thoughts.
        • To develop a positive partnership between families & teachers.
        • To help families understand the methods & goals of our school experience and work together to enhance the development of their
        • To establish and  maintain community relations that support the growth of our children, their families, the program and the community.

Preschool Philosophy

At Temple Bat Yahm Preschool, we believe that children are individual learners; each one gaining skills at their own pace and responding to different styles and methods of teaching  We strive to create a rich curriculum that meets the needs of all children; visual, auditory, and perceptual learners,  Our philosophy centers itself on the whole child.  We aim to nurture and strengthen each child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical abilities through our program.  We believe that children learn through active play and exploration in a multi-sensory environment.  As children experience our inside and outdoor classrooms, they learn to problem solve, gain self-esteem, and acquire the skills to build on for successful future education. 

The preschool is open to children of all races, religions, and national origins.  Children of temple members have priority registration.  In adherence to the Americans with Disabilies Act (ADA), our program does not discriminate based on a child’s disability.  We strive to offer reasonable accommodations to enable children with disabilities to be fully included in the program.

TBY Mission Statement

Temple Bat Yahm is a Reform congregation and caring community where families and individuals:

        • Enrich our lives through spiritual worship

        • Share life-cycle events

        • Educate ourselves and our children

        • Sustain the House of Israel

We combine the comforts and responsibilities of Jewish tradition with the lifelong study of Torah in the context of modern day living.

Full Inclusion

The Full Inclusion Preschool Program (FIPP) is the community collaboration between Temple Bat Yahm Preschool and Temple Beth El SOC Early Childhood Center that allows each school to work with families whose children have been diagnosed with varying learning disabilioes.  These children are full included in the classroom with their typical peers, assuring them of the same quality education and opportunities for social interaction.  In 2009, FIPP was awarded the National Outreach Award from Kids Included Together.  Current support comes from the Opus Community Foundation.

California Licensing

The preschool is licensed by the Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing  Our
​license is for 100- children/day from ages 2 to 6 years.  
Our License # is 300603987
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